Meet Property Insights

A unique and simple way to visualise and learn about your local property market all bundled into an accessible free to use web-platform.

This is the vision behind Property Insights, an on-going client development project for Barr Media.

Professional landing page.

The beginning

The vision for Property Insights has gotten bigger and bigger since Barr Media was brought on-board making it that much more exciting to work on. The first implementation was just a Facebook page, a large community intended for property professionals to discuss and provide their opinion on their local property market, offering a unique insight into how the granular areas of the UK property market function.

From here, Barr Media brought different technology solutions and opportunities to Property Insights with the first big update moving all the 'activities' from third-party services onto a cloud-based platform visitable on any device. Logging in here, allowed professionals to fill out opinion surveys month-by-month to offer their opinion as well as being able to view wider spread data in beautiful visualisations right from their dashboard.

Top level data visualisations the professionals can see.

The future

As mentioned, Property Insights is still an on-going project, being worked on regularly by our development team. That hasn't stopped us dreaming big with the client though. After gathering feedback on the 'professional dashboard', the common opinion was,

'This is great, but can consumers use it?'

And the answer at the time was,

'No, it's just for professionals at the moment.'

However, with this feedback occurring more often than any other made us realise that property professionals care more about consumers visiting the platform, even more possibly than the data being offered to them.

So with that in mind, currently in development is a coherent solution for consumer access. A simple area of the website, where a visitor can search, for free, by location and view the latest data on that market through beautiful visualisations and intelligent mapping tools all offering a unique way to learn more about property. In addition, we're now offering professionals to be able to 'list' themselves, making their brand visible and contactable to the public viewing the data. This creates a fantastic package for both consumers and professionals, offering everything from free data for business and research, lead generation and just one, streamlined ecosystem to work on instead of many services and platforms.

First version of our mapping tools.

The nitty gritty details

If you're more interested in the technology work Barr Media has done for Property Insights over just the story then this is the section you're after! Below are the list of technologies used to build the platform thus far and solutions we're able to offer other clients.

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Digital Mapping
  • Database management and technology
  • Big data management and technology
  • Website maintenance
  • SEO processes

These technologies were all used in coordination with each other to create fully functional and intelligent tools. Get in contact if you would like to know more about our web-development services.

Code snippet from Property Insights.

It's an exciting time for Property Insights and an exciting industry to be working in as property and finance is often considered behind in the technology sector.

Check back regularly as we're going to be updating the progress we make on Property Insights for the client right here so you can follow the project as we build it into the vision we were first pitched...